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    Turniirikutse: Sigulda kiirmaleturniir

    Sigulda kiirmaleturniir toimub 1.-2. oktoobril 2016 Lätis, Sigulda linna kohalikus gümnaasiumis, aadressil K. Barona iela 10 – asukoht kaardil Mängitakse 11 vooru šveitsi süsteemis ühtses grupis, ajakontrolliga 12 minutit + 5 sekundit igale käigule mõlemale mängijale partii lõpuni, kehtivad FIDE reeglid, toimub FIDE kiirmale reitingu arvestus. Võistluse auhinnafond on 1000 eurot, sealjuures esikoha auhind 180 eurot. Turniiri registreerimine ja rakendamine 1. oktoobril kohapeal kell 13:00, esimese vooru algus kell 14:00. Loe edasi turniiri juhendist inglise keeles siit või vene keeles siit. Turniiri peakorraldaja on Visvaldis Gercāns, tema e-mail on ja telefon +371 29277148 ning turniiri peakohtunik on Alberts Cimiņš, tema e-mail on ja telefon +371 28804664 (eelregistreerimine tuleks teha eelistatult peakohtuniku e-maili aadressile).

    V Sigulda District Open Rapid Chess Championship

    1st and 2nd of October, 2016



    The competition is organized and run by the Riga Chess Federation in cooperation with the Sigulda District Council Sports Department


    Sigulda State Gymnasium, K.Barona iela 10, Sigulda, Latvia.



    1st and 2nd of October, 2016 (Saturday and Sunday)


    Tournament director is Visvaldis Gercāns, e-mail:, ph. +371 29277148.


    The Chief Arbiter is Alberts Cimiņš, e-mail:, ph. +371 28804664,

    Arbiter: Aivars Laizāns, e-mail:

    System, time control:


    11 rounds Swiss system, FIDE rules, FIDE rapid chess rating calculation.

    Time control 12 min/game + 5 sec/move. Chief arbiter has the right to make changes.

    Tournament is open for all chess lovers who have FIDE ID number.

    Registration and entry fee:


    Entry fee 14 EUR.

    Entry fee 10 EUR for participants by notice in advance until September 28th (17.00)

    Participation for Sigulda District inhabitants (district ID card owners) is free of charge.

    GM/IM/WGM/WIM no entry fee.

    To apply for the tournament, participants should send an e-mail to: with name, family name, FIDE ID number and city of residence. Organizers have rights to not include in the list of players participants who have applied after the 28.09.2016.

    Sending an application means that the player agrees that during the event participants may be photographed and filmed, as well as the fact that chess games are broadcasted live on the Internet.

    Entry fee can be paid at the competition site during the registration.

    Participants or their organizations can make entry fee payment by bank transfer (please ask for Riga Chess Federation bank account by e-mail

    Competition procedure:




    October 1


    October 2


    13.00 – 13.50



    Round 1

    14.00 – 14.38

    Round 7

    10.00 – 10.38

    Round 2

    14.48 – 15.26

    Round 8

    10.48 – 11.26

    Round 3

    15.36 – 16.14

    Round 9

    11.36 – 12.14


    16.24 – 17.00

    Round 10

    12.24 – 13.02

    Round 4

    17.00 – 17.38

    Round 11

    13.12 – 13.50

    Round 5

    17.48 – 18.26


    13.50 – 14.25

    Round 6

    18.36 – 19.14


    14.25 – 14.35



    Main prizes:

    Competition prize fund is EUR 1000; 1 - 8 places prize EUR: 180, 150, 120, 100, 90, 80, 65, 50.

    The best woman, best young (born 2002 and younger) and the best senior (born 1956 and older) are awarded with a medal and a cash prize of EUR 20.

    Two rating prizes (15 EUR and 8 EUR) for each group of 12 players from 9th start rating and 20 EUR prize for the best foreign federation player.

    All entry fees and sponsors funds are dedicated for the prize fund. The main prizes are guaranteed in case of at least 50 entry fee paying participants, otherwise they can be changed.

    Best men of 60+, 70+, 80+ age groups, and ladies of 50+, 60+, 70+ age groups will get awards form farm "Pīlādži". Belonging to the age group is determined by the year of birth.

    Special prizes:

    Best Sigulda district chess players - first-third place: medals.

    Sigulda district best chess player - MEP Krisjanis Karins prize, a trip to the European Parliament.

    Sigulda district better student – teacher’s Uldis Deisons prize of EUR 20.

    Award conditions:

    One tournament participant may receive no more than one prize from the main prizes section.

    Higher place in case of equal points is determined by: 1) improved Buchholz coefficient, 2) Buchholz coefficient, 3) RPT (Rating performance in tournament).

    Organizers will transfer prizes within a week after the tournament to first - eighth place winners bank accounts if they represent Latvian Chess Federation.


    Accommodation: (Sigulda). Players are kindly advised to make booking timely. The organizers do not provide an accommodation booking.

    Additional information:

    Sigulda State Gymnasium is located 1000 m from Sigulda railway station and Sigulda bus station. Map:


    Sigulda District Council

    “Datorika”, Ltd     “Pata”, Ltd    Farm “Pīlādži”

    Krišjānis Kariņš   Uldis Deisons

    Preliminary Sigulda 5th Open Rapid Chess Championship invitation / Subject to change! 08/2016